Welcome to Thailand“The land of smile”

Welcome to Thailand“The land of smile”

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Welcome to Thailand 

Land of smiling

We could not choose where to be born but we can choose where to stay and where to die. 

Welcome to Thailand, the land of smile. We are located in Southeast Asia. 

Capitaland largest city Bangkok 13°45′N 100°29′E

Official language and national language Thai

Spoken languages. 

ThaiIsanLannaDambroKarenPattani MalayBangkok MalayTeochewHokkien

Ethnic groups 

80% Thai 

37% Thai (Central Thai)

25% Thai Lao (Northeastern Thai) 

8% Lanna (Northern Thai) 

8% Dambro (Southern Thai) 

2% Karen (Western Thai) 

10% Thai Chinese 

3% Khmer 

7% other 

Religion (2018)

93.5% Buddhism

5.4% Islam

1.13% Christianity

0.02% Hinduism 

0.003% no religion


Unitary parliamentary semi-democratic constitutional monarchy
• Monarch Vajiralongkorn (Rama X)
• Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha (acting)

National Assembly
• Upper house Senate
• Lower house House of Representatives

• Sukhothai Kingdom1238–1448
• Ayutthaya Kingdom1351–1767
• Thonburi Kingdom1767–1782
• Rattanakosin Kingdom6 April 1782
• Constitutional monarchy24 June 1932
• Current constitution6 April 2017

• Total 513,120 km2 (198,120 sq mi) (50th)
• Water (%) 0.4 (2,230 km2)

• 2022 estimate 69,648,117 (20th)
• 2010 census 64,785,909 (21st)
• Density 132.1/km2 (342.1/sq mi) (88th)

2022 estimate
• Total $1.480 trillion (23rd)
• Per capita $21,114 (73rd)

GDP (nominal) 2022 estimate
• Total $534.758 billion (28th)
• Per capita $7,631 (89th)

Gini (2020) 35.0 medium

HDI (2021) 0.800[8] very high · 66th

Currency Baht (฿) (THB)

Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)

Date format dd/mm/yyyy (BE)

Driving side left

Calling code +66

ISO 3166 codeTH

Internet TLD th.ไทย

10 reasons why foreigners like Thailand

10 reasons why foreigners like Thailand

Thailand is often on the list of countries. That has been voted or ranked by the media, investors and travelers from all over the world in various matters. Thailand, in addition to being a city of tourism It is also the number one country that is worth investing in. The fame spread far across the sea. Bringing many foreigners to travel and live in Thailand for various reasons and here are 10 reasons why foreigners like Thailand ...

1. Weather

The weather is the main reason. in visiting Thailand of tourists each year Thailand will have a high season, which is the end of the year. The weather is not too hot and there is a cool breeze. to experience some But in reality, you can travel all year round. With the average temperature throughout the year being 20-30 degrees Celsius.

2. Food

World famous Thai food No matter what menu Foreigners love it for its spicy, mellow taste and beautiful appearance. Mixed with refinement and a touch of Thai culture, famous Thai dishes include Papaya Salad, Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, Green Curry, various salads, massaman curry, fresh seafood with many dipping sauces.

3. Smile and friendship

Thailand is the land of smiles (LAND OF SMILE). Thai people have sincere smiles. It is a country where people are kind, generous, share, have greetings, hello, thank you. If you meet and talk to each other, you will feel friendly. There is a beautiful, sincere friendship to each other. Every time we meet, there will be only happiness. because Thai people are kind No matter which region, there will be the same sincere smile everywhere you visit. No wonder this is probably the reason why foreigners like Thailand.

4. Beautiful culture

Thai culture is unique. With different cultures including influences from ancient religions and past civilizations. It has a long history worth exploring. and more than that Thai culture is more complex and practical than you may ever know. Despite living in the country for many years as a foreigner, to understand the "Thai way of life", the best way to get to know Thai culture is to Be Indulging in festivals and festivities and live a Thai life hold on to goodness Always be polite and respectful. The most influential aspect of Thai culture is Buddhism. No visit to Thailand is complete without a visit to the Thai temples.

5. Festivals

Throughout the year in Thailand there are various festivals. both cultural festivals religious events such as Loi Krathong, Buddhist Lent Day, Devo Alms Giving, Phi Ta Khon Parade, etc. and festive festivals such as Songkran Festival Thai New Year's Day that no one knows Foreigners flock to join the Songkran festival every year in large numbers. as well as vegetarian festivals, food festivals or festivals According to each region will be organized according to the cultural and traditional way of life.

6. Comfortable and safe

It cannot be denied that in every Where in the world there are dangers hidden both from people and from nature. Thailand is still considered a country when foreigners enter Thailand. You can be at ease with good security. and people are kind to help each other If traveling in Thailand and getting lost or an accident occurs Officials and Thai people did not hesitate to help when they saw it. with goodwill and goodwill towards fellow human beings Hotel stays are safe. The hotel staff communicate well and answer questions.

7. Diversity

Thailand today There are various comforts and are quite modern. Traveling to Thailand is therefore not difficult. Regardless of any aspect and can also choose to use the service business. various aspects as well as price competition quality of service Upgrading products and services to meet international standards in addition, tourist cities in Thailand are not just Bangkok. or a seaside town alone One visit to Thailand, 77 provinces of Thailand There are so many places that you can't even imagine. If only you had to ask yourself first. What kind of trip do you want to travel in Thailand? Natural conservation, sea, beaches, ancient temples, floating markets or scenic views. Luxurious living in the city Transportation is varied.

8. Perfect tourist hub

Thailand is a good travel and tourism hub. able to travel to different countries Easy and convenient Travel Domestic transportation has a variety of channels to choose from. Both by plane, car, ship, train, etc. With Thailand being a free country There are both free visas with various countries. And it's not difficult to grant a tourist visa compared to some countries in the world. therefore, making Thailand the first place that travelers think of and must visit once when they have the opportunity.

9. Currency in Thailand

Thailand uses the Thai baht currency. And the exchange rate of 1 US dollar is about 33 baht. The currency exchange is constantly changing. But in general, the baht is relatively stable. US dollars are not recommended for general spending. Thailand has a local currency that is widely used everywhere. And there are ATMs everywhere. In general, you can withdraw money at an ATM to convert dollars into baht instantly.

10. Cost of Living

Thailand has a relatively low cost of living. If you don't want too much luxury for trips in Thailand, the expenses are very cheap compared to European countries. Therefore, able to extend the travel period. There are a variety of products, food, hotels, local, international, or low-cost hotels, and there are many types of travel. whether the plane or traveling by public transportation, including trains, buses, buses, can help you save even more. and also learned the way of life of Thai people as well.

5 popular cities foreigners retire in Thailand.

5 popular cities foreigners retire in Thailand.

Gathering 5 popular cities where foreigners retire in Thailand with many reasons that Why are the cities of Thailand chosen as retirement locations for Whether it is the weather, and the temperature is quite high almost all year. The cost of living is not that high. Relaxing environment Help create a sustainable holiday atmosphere. That is why Thailand is one of the best retirement destinations.

1. Pattaya

For those who want a comfortable urban lifestyle that still has beaches and good weather. It takes about 2 hours by car from Bangkok. and located on the Gulf of Thailand on the eastern seaboard of Thailand with a whole bar international restaurant, beaches and the largest golf course in Thailand. Make Pattaya city has a large number of foreigners living in the community. It is no wonder why so many retirees choose to live in Pattaya due to the large number of condos and villas. Available both for sale and for rent. Pattaya is a good option for retired expats in Thailand on a limited budget or pension.

Places to live in Pattaya: Pattaya City, Jomtien, Naklua, Bang Saray, Mabprachan Reservoir

2. Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. It is an island province. Located in Southern Thailand, located next to the Andaman Sea. which has completed modern facilities not different from the capital city like Bangkok and has great seaside attractions The most popular are Patong, Karon and Kata, where they have a large number of international bars and restaurants. Gives a holiday-style atmosphere all year round. You can enjoy a modern lifestyle while being surrounded by beautiful surroundings. This makes Phuket one of the best places to retire in Thailand.

Places to live in Phuket: Patong Beach, Karon, Kata, Bangtao, Kamala, Surin, Naiharn, Rawai, Chalong.

3. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the famous islands. located in the Gulf of Thailand in the south of Thailand Relaxed environment suitable for living has a beautiful beach There is a perfect sea and traveling to Koh Samui can be done in 2 ways: by plane and by boat to cross to this island. In the past few years, the facilities have been renovated to be more modern and still be able to enjoy the evening atmosphere. It is home to a variety of international bars and restaurants, along with plenty of accommodation options.

Places to live in Koh Samui: Chaweng, Bo phut, Lamai.

A variety of good trips that everyone wants to visit Thailand.

4. Hua Hin

Hua Hin is located 3 hours south of Bangkok on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a Thai seaside town popular with Bangkokians looking for a weekend getaway. Hua Hin also has a well-off and friendly expatriate community. Hua Hin is also home to western-style bars and restaurants. mall and the most popular beaches are Khao Takiab Beach, Pranburi Beach and Hua Hin Beach. There are many modern facilities here. It is also home to some of Thailand's best golf courses such as Black Mountain GC and Banyan Golf Club.

Places to live in Hua Hin: Hua Hin City, Cha Am, Khao Takiab

5. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the northern part of Thailand. It is home to a culture that is ancient in Thai history. Unlike other popular cities that tend to be beaches, islands and the sea, this cosmopolitan city is popular with many people from all over the world. The city is home to a wide variety of bars, shops, markets and restaurants. and native that attracts both Thais and expatriates outside the city limits in a beautiful rural setting. It is what makes Chiang Mai one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand. It is also home to the highest peak in Thailand. This place has the coolest temperature in Thailand. It is ideal for living where houses, villas and condos are very affordable compared to other places mentioned above.

Places to live in Chiang Mai: Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Khlan, Chang Phueak, Hang Dong