Welcome to Thailand“The land of smile”

Welcome to Thailand“The land of smile”

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Paradise of Fishing

5 Saltwater Fishing Places You Shouldn't Miss

Saltwater fishing place is considered the dream and goal of every fisherman. Sea fishing is considered the ultimate goal of anglers. Because in the sea there are both large and small animals, we are unable to control or control that. when we put the hook into the water What kind of fish will we meet? The difference between freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing is quite obvious when it comes to freshwater fish. We would then be entitled to a variable based on the prey we fell on. And we can probably guess what kind of fish each freshwater place has. Enough to be able to guess what kind of fish that eats that kind of fish.

But for saltwater fishing, although the saltwater fishing place there is not very deep water, but it is not always certain that there will be only small fish. Sometimes, or in some video clips, we have seen people fishing shorelines on a fishing pier, catching cobia up to 10 kilograms in size. Or sometimes we hit a fake bait on the beach. Along the rocks, both barracuda and grouper have rights. Which can be considered that these two fish are quite tasty meat and good at fishing.

This time, let's see what kind of saltwater fishing place or what kind of sea we are going to go fishing. Then definitely get a sample Someone suggested these 5 places to go saltwater fishing if we go fishing at these places. And there is a captain who takes us to the goal, what is expected, can be guaranteed not to be missed for meeting a big fish or what we call Monster of the sea for sure.

5 Saltwater Fishing Locations that fishermen should not miss

1. Koh Kham Yai

Every fisherman is well known to this place, Koh Kham Yai. Entering the fishing destination, the saltwater fishing places that the captain of the boat will take are many to choose from, whether it is a sunken ship destination. or artificial coral Including various shallow water depth marks according to our needs We just tell the boat captain what kind of fishing we want to go or what kind of fish to focus on. Focus on deep water fish or shallow water fish. Say a small sign to the captain or captain of the boat. Guarantee that you will surely come across sea monsters.

  2. Hat agree

Sightseeing and fishing places in one place. For people who are beginner anglers who want to travel for fun and learn how to fish. It is recommended that you should come fishing at Yent Beach. This saltwater fishing place is available for you to choose from in the form of going out to fish in the middle of the sea. Or you can choose to fish on the coast, you can choose some people may not be good at sailing. You may find accommodation on the water and fishing or squid from the accommodation can be done.

3. Khao Sam Mook wood line

Popular fishing spots And is very close to Bangkok. People like both recreation and tourism at the same time, that is, Khao Sam Muk. Here, there are facilities for us completely and to the fullest. Whether we want to fish for squid or want to go fishing We can prepare the equipment to fall and fall both types of squid. It's worthwhile.

4. Mae Rumphueng Beach

Location Saltwater fishing, Mae Ramphueng Beach, in addition to being able to fish on the beach because we can also sail the sea to fish on various islands and at places where artificial coral reefs are built or deep water marks on various sunken ships. Captain The boat here knows the route very well and can tell us exactly what fish we are going to catch.

5. Trat Province

Traveled a little further apart Then let's go deep water fishing. Salt water fishing place. Here is a deep water destination with a lot of grouper and it can be considered that anyone who has come to fish grouper is the best salted fish and is an expensive fish. But I have to admit that fishing. Here we use our own strength quite a bit. We should also have a power-saving device that is electrical to help.

5 Freshwater Fishing Locations A style that is close to nature and has a relaxing time that fishermen should not miss.

Looking for a freshwater fishing place, in addition to looking at the number of fish in the water. What kind of fish are there? We should also have to look at the utilities that will meet the needs of our vacation and family as well. For example, the subject of the place to travel is not too difficult. Food must be readily available to all of our family members. Matters about sleeping, sleeping or restroom matters, the posture room must also be provided to us as well. For us fishermen, it's probably not a problem about going fishing and preparing like this, but if we look carefully, preparing for families and ladies. It is considered necessary as well.

So, let's see if anyone recommends any places (which provinces) that are worth going. Called a lot of fish, good atmosphere, delicious food and close to nature. Many people who have been there have recommended and told each other continuously. It can be considered as a place for freshwater fishing that is no less interesting. just listening to stories from people who have been through It makes our hearts want to collect equipment and prepare food, go fishing all of a sudden.

5 fishing places (provinces) that are close to nature, so satisfying.

1. Suphan Buri Province

We will talk about provinces because each province has many tourist attractions. Then the fishing warrants of Suphan Province still have interesting warrants for us to win. A lot of things that are considered the highlight of fishing here are the horse fish. If we have the opportunity to go fishing this type once and get the fish to cook, it is considered successful in the life of freshwater fishing in Thailand. If anyone who wants to have a long memory in fishing You have to come and fish for horses successfully once. Anyone who has a chance to drive out of Bangkok for a short time, let's try it.

2. Nakhon Nayok Province

This province is not far from Bangkok and has many waterfalls and attractions for us. Including having a raft next to nature for us to fully go fishing Having said that, we have the opportunity to be both small and large fish. Anyone who comes to freshwater fishing in this province. In addition to being impressed with nature. You can definitely eat fresh fish from our own hands.

3. Samut Sakhon Province

The fact that we came to travel in Samut Sakhon had the opportunity to drop a fishing rod here. In addition to freshwater fishing, we also have the opportunity to fish in saltwater, also known as brackish water fish, because here there are rivers that are freshwater and saltwater, alternating all the time. Anyone who has come here and come to fish are all impressed because in addition to being able to win fish, there is also a chance to win shrimp fishing as well. It is known that there are many colors in fishing.

4. Nakhon Pathom Province

A province that is not far from Bangkok, takes less than an hour to travel to Phra Pathom Chedi together For the surrounding of Nakhon Pathom, there is also a large river. And the number of many different types of fish and your fishing is freshwater fishing Here, you can guarantee that you will get both fish skin and fish scales.

5. Chachoengsao Province

A province that is beautiful in the stories of nature. And not too far from Bangkok with many rivers flowing through You will have the opportunity to win a large number of different types of fish. The food here is very complete. Being able to travel here once along with freshwater fishing A little more is definitely worth coming to relax.

Each province has been introduced. We recommend a form that can go on a trip for the whole family or bring a group to relax and find a place to fish for fresh water. You can choose the style of fishing as you wish. whether by the river reservoir or dam Each place will have a place that can accommodate different people. Go a little far from the capital and find a place to fish with peace of mind. You will be happy, having fun like recharging and returning energy to work for the next fight day.